Imports to Portugal

We deal all kind of items Import Export and local trade CONTINENTAL LINK Is a bridge between manufacture and seller all over the WORLD. We provide different services between man kind in the world. We try to best IMPORT EXPORT to make it easy.

We provide an easy plate form to all continents:

  1.  Food stuff Rice
  2. Sun flower
  3. Soya bean
  4. Pink Salt
  5.  Gemstone
  6. Emerald Ruby
  7. JADE Nephrite
  8.   Cotton Textile Products
  9. Sports Foot Ball FIFA items
  10. Building Material
  11. Crockery kitchen items
  12. Mobile tele industries
  13. Equipment’s
  14. Water meter
  15. Engineering items Pumps
  16. Pumping Machines & Spares 
  17. Submersible Pump
  18. Water Pumps
  19. Electric Pump
  20. Industrial Pumps
  21. Pressure Pumps
    Oil Refining and Petrochemical
    Food and Beverage 

We deal all kinds of Vintage items :

Such as Edible Cooking Oils, Agricultural Nuts, Dairy Products, Sweeteners and many more products for international supplies. These include unique branded and patented products. We also offer high-quality, cost-effective alternatives, and develop Products in collaboration with suppliers.

But the value that we deliver to customers goes far beyond the products we provide. Along with outstanding product quality, you can also always count on strong technical support, and a personalized made-to-measure way of meeting your needs. Our logistics service makes us a partner you can always count on to deliver on time.

We keep you informed of developments in areas such as import regulations and help you to react to them effectively.
We provide all the support you need to grow or optimize your products. We know exactly what can be done in the lab – and exactly what you can claim in the market.

We have high expectations – but we offer a lot in return.
We ensure that our new customers receive a systematic induction as a matter of course.

We attach particular importance to familiarizing them with our corporate strategy, the specific nature of our business and the wider working environment.

Industrial & Engineering Goods:
Metal Ladder
Step Ladders
Wooden Cable Drums
Aluminum Ladders
Grease & Lubricants many other products.

Portugal’s exports

We support talented young professionals with special development business minds. We have established cordial business relations and cooperation with renowned international business entrepreneurs and companies worldwide , enabling us to build partnerships.

It is important to us that our buyers can achieve a balance between their purchase and their individual interest. That is why customer decide on their flexibly to visit and purchase from us, as far as is practical for the company.